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2014-05-30 08:08:11 by Duskfall

Apparently I suffer from dysthymia.

Good job life, good job.

I'm getting a daughter in May.

Gimme' your money, k tnx bai!

2nd post ever!

2013-09-10 12:25:39 by Duskfall

Ohoy 'ye scurrvy bilgerats!
Still no job, working for free to get "experience", cynical as usual, and I'm going to be a father.
Send me all your cash to support my baby, YARR!

Posting for no reason

2007-09-24 20:07:19 by Duskfall

So now I'm posting a post, but don't really know why I'm doing it in like 01:57 AM (Time's different between USA time and Swedish time as far as I know =P)


Kinda' boring that summer is gone now, since it sucks basicly to skate in windy and chilly weather, although the summer heat isn't always the most fun to get all sweaty and what not =P


Ever had the feeling you just wanted to punch someone really hard in the face though you classify that person as a 'friend' (Though I kind of have a problem with his 'I'm the supream human-being and you are gay' attitude).

Wish I had a bag with doggy-poo to drop in his mailbox, and then just to make the whole cleaning a little bit more squishy, I would put some firecrackers (or as we say: 'smällare') in the bag and light them before dropping it =3
That would surely make me feel a bit better when the days are boring =]